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Unfortunately your average organizational performances, will tend to stay
with you for a long time, unless you

1. identify the weaknesses
in your culture

2. develop a system and practices that are
liberating creativity,
& innovation,
in your people and teams “every day”

This is exactly why this extraordinary book is written.

Now, imagine your business-organization as an elegant speed boat,

where your cohesive culture is in support of your strategy and your people.

Where liberating creativity and innovation that maximizes productivity

is your everyday mode of operating.

Imagine the benefits and the financial results of such an organization?


The experience of UNILEVER Brazil:

Unilever Brazil is part of Unilever Corporation, a company with a strong reputation and 80 years of history. They have over 10,000 employees and annual sales of 3 billion euros, only in Brazil.

After several decades of strong growth, in 2004-05, the revenue of Unilever Brazil decreased.
Kees Kruthof, CEO of Unilever Brazil, together with his team, launched a program to improve the performance and revenue. Apart from the strategic challenges and key management operations, the focus was placed on the organizational culture of the company. Unilever Brazil began to dream of what the company would look like when they became “Greater than Great”.
At the beginning of this process, their CEO stated:

“Unless we change our culture, we’ll never achieve our highest business goals.”

Kees Kruythoff
CEO, Unilever Brazil

After only 18 months since the program started, the improvement in the culture of Unilever are bringing the first results:
- Customer complaints have fallen from 31% in 2007 to 21% in 2009 (per million items sold).
- Client service measurements in completed cases, have improved from 71% in 2007 to 91% in 2009. - - Sales have grown from 3.2% per year (in the period
2002-07, before the transformation) to 7% per year in 2008-09.


Viktor has obtained his masters degree in Psychosynthesis psychology
from London University in 2003 by finishing first in class.
He is a certified Culture Transformation Tools consultant
with the Barrett Values Centre since 2008.
He has over 15 years experience working with entrepreneurs,
business owners and executives and is among the first coaches
working in the South East Europe.

His book Diamond Leadership is based on a 5 years
research into the most successful culture development projects
in the world
, as well as the latest cutting edge leadership
and transformation technologies and practices for organizational
and social change, some of which are being developed as we speak
at the top universities in the world such as MIT- Boston and used in some
of the smartest companies in the world like UNILEVER, ZAPOS, ANZ etc.

In the summer of 2016 the book reached the top 10 best selling
books on Amazon in the subject of organizational psychology.





  • Learn from the examples of some impeccable organizations - how to increase profit, productivity and develop people by managing culture.

  • You’ll discover the best available tools to measure culture in your company, (used by over 7000 organizations in the world) - that will help you have perfect insight in your organizational culture.

  • Learn how not to repeat one of the biggest and costlyest mistake
    businesses make - that of ignoring culture.

  • How to minimize the unproductive cultural behaviors that kill your
    profit and save millions on your salary bill.

  • Learn the latest leadership technology and practices for
    co-creating and designing impeccable alignment in your team.

  • How to create culture of innovation that liberates employee’s creativity, innovation and productivity every day - by design.

  • How to manage collective intelligence and stimulate system thinking
    that will turn your business meeting into creative lab for breakthrough.

  • How to use generative dialogue to create team cohesion,
    design thinking and creative flow.

  • How to use presence as leadership and innovation practice that will
    relax your team and make it ultra productive and innovative

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The pattern of competitive advantages of companies and nations - decoded.
Thanks for the insightful analyzes of how one company and cohort thrive over others. A truly remarkable model of how values shape economical conditions and people's life.
Excellent indeed. 

Blaze - Co-founder and Chief Marketing at StayUncle

The book is an absolute must-read for every organization that wants to keep its competitive advantage in terms of streamlining business operations across a highly-motivated and always-innovating team of in-house expertise.

Sandra Jakovljevic - entrepreneur

By using a little case study of cultural value assessment in his little native country the author sends a big message for the big audience: It is time for a new type of leadership – system leadership!
Careful selection of the breakthrough questions for creative dialogues and maintaining the quality of the container that hosts them, seems to be the central features that the author wants to emphasize as important in achieving this new type of leadership.
The book is certainly a pioneering reading for the little Macedonia, but it is undoubtedly a valuable contribution to the new wisdom-based literature that calls for new types of organizations, management and leadership – once that will anchor power on wisdom.

Suzana P. Nikiforova - change agent

Excellent book.

I think that this book is modern guide for companies and business, but can be consulted by specialists in other areas in society.
Who wants to be a leader can really learn a lot. Not only for businessman, but politician as well.

Mile Milenkoski - diplomat

This book is written from real practical experience. It shows opinions, paths and real examples. It is a great tool for consultants and organizations who want to face a real transformative process to achieve higher and more balanced goals in their way to success.

Marta Martínez Arellano - change consultant


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